Try one of our delicious salads

Try one of our delicious salads

Gloria Ann's Catering Takeout menu for pick up or delivery

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Catering Takeout orders are liminted to a minimum order of 8 (pick up only)

All orders need to be place a minimum of 24 hours in advance with a minimum of 6 orders for pick up or delivery (small orders less than 6 are upon availability only) 

Box lunch packages or catering platter packages ($12 and $15 (minimum count 12) $12 = 1 sandwich, 1 fruit, chips and cookie $15 lunch = Sandwich, 2 cold salad, chips, cake + delivery charge            


All sandwiches come with chips 

Smoked BBQ pulled pork 8oz on a grilled bun $8

Signature Sloppy Joe -$5                                      

Grilled chicken breast croissant (5oz) let and mayo $7     

Chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail (8) $14

COLD SANDWICHES, AS A 12" WRAP, 10" SUB or 3oz CROISSANT               

Cheese  (cheddar, Swiss, shredded Parmesean or Provolone) Wrap flavors --White--Spinach--Tomato basil and garlic herb

Ham and cheese w/ let/tom + mayo $7    

Turkey and Cheese w/let/tom/mayp $7 

Grilled chicken Caesar wrap $8   Grilled chicken bacon, ranch $8     

Club (ham,turkey,bacon,let,tom,sweet mayo)$8  

Turkey club ( Turkey, bacon, cheddar , lettuce, mayo) $8

Italian--Ham,salami,provolone,let,Italian dressing $8                                                   

  Vegetarian wrap --let, tom, peppers, carrots, cheese, cucumbers, ranch or mayo $7

  7oz Roast beef and Swiss + mayo, mustard and lettuce                                                                             (on Marble Rye, sub or wrap)$10                                                          


Dressing choices--Ranch, italian, French Thousand Island, Balsomic, Caesar, Raspberry

  Garden salad --regular (24oz) $3 large (48oz) $5 Let, tom, cucs + veggies+ carrots, croutons + cheese 

BLT salad (Romaine, tomatos, cucumbers, lots of bacon and cheddar a side of ranch) $8

Chef salad $9

Grilled Chicken Caesar $9 (without chicken $3 for small and $5 for large) 

Taco salad  (let, tom, meat, cheese, onion, olives, sour cream + salsa + chips) $9


Side choices

Cole Slaw (when available) $3 (minimum order for 12)

Red skin potato salad (minimum 15) $3

Italian Bow tie pasta salad (minimum order of 12) $3.50

Fresh fruit bowl

Fresh veggies and ranch $3                                                             

Chips and salsa $4

Soups 16oz bowl $4.00 (every Tuesday) 

Soup is  Per special request and a minimum order of 15                           




Cookies (chocolate chunk, Sweet butter scotch, Peanut butter, coconut pecan, Snickerdoodle) $12 per dozen with 2.5 doz minimum

Texas sheet cake plain or with caramel and pecans $3.00 (minimum order for 24)

New York cheese cake w/ strawberries or caramel and pecans $4 (minimum order for 10)

Fudge brownies $2 (minimum order of 12

Homemade pies per request  $3 per slice (8 servings per pie)