Vegetable coctails

Vegetable coctails

Shrimp cocktail station

Shrimp cocktail station

Turkey, provolone and tomato skewers

Turkey, provolone and tomato skewers

Mini cheese cake and Baklava platter

Mini cheese cake and Baklava platter

Signature cupcakes

Signature cupcakes

Appetizers and Dessert Menu


Popular choices

Starting at $2.00 ea. as a meal or add to a menu starting at $1.50

Cheese ball (bacon cheddar or ham and swiss) served with fancy crackers

Cheese and cracker platters (4 -5 kinds of cheeses, oilves, grapes and assorted crackers)

Cheese board (4-5 blocks of fancy cheeses served on a board with cheese knives( assorted crackers and crusty breads)

Signature spinach dip served with dark rye small round  bread and pretzel baskets

Artichoke dip served with crusty bread and crackers

Homemade garlic hummus served with crackers and toasted pita

Ham or chicken salad spread with small round white bread

Fresh Veggies/ dip platter

Fresh fruit platter (strawberry, pineapple, grapes and melon when in season)

Mini meatballs in mushroom or BBQ sauce

Cocktail weenies in signature BBQ sauce

Buffalo chicken dip served with crusty bread

Mini skewers and deluxe choices (prices range from $2-$4 as add on)

Assorted mini skewers using ham, salami, cheese, olives, grapes and pineapple

Fresh fruit skewers (strawberry, pineapple and grape)

Caprese salad skewers (fresh Mozzarella, basil and tomato with balsomic dressing)

Greek salad skewers (cucumber, tomato, black olive feta cheese with greek dressing)

Cold shrimp skewers (choice of sundried tomato or cherry tomato)

Bruschetta (Fresh toasted baguette, mozzarella, tomato basil mix topped with fresh parm)

Crostini (Large assortment of toppings available) Most popular is Roast beef with horseredish

Mini cheese balls on pics

Signature meatball sliders (maranara meatballs served on a fresh bakery bun)

Signature deluxe appetizers (starting at $3.00as a meal and $2.50 as an add on)

Chicken satay (Teriyaki or honey mustard)

Stuffed mushrooms (sausage or crab)

Herb boiled Shrimp chilled and served on a bed of ice

Individual shrimp cocktails (in a martini glass, margarita glass or disposable plastic)

Shrimp skewers (grilled jumbo shrimp chilled and skewered)

Signature Crab dip (chilled or hor) served with fresh made pita chip or rice crackers


Texas sheet cake, (chocolate, lemon or white almond)
Fudge Brownies,  brownie bites,
Lemon bars,
Pineapple sheet cake
Assorted flavors of cheese cakes, mini cheese cakes,
Apple squares and homemade apple crisp
Cobblers (apple, cherry, bluberry and peach)
Assorted homemade cookies (large, menium or small sizes)
Assorted signature cupcakes (wedding cupcake stations available)
WEDDING CAKE REFERRALS AVAILABLE (order through us or order on your own)
Extended appetizer/dessert choices available upon special request