Fresh fruit for every meal

Fresh fruit for every meal

Mini assorted muffins

Mini assorted muffins

Pancakes and crepes are always a favorite

Pancakes and crepes are always a favorite

Grilled chicken wraps

Grilled chicken wraps

Breakfast/Brunch and Lunch Menu

Main Dish Choices


Breakfast/lunch  (email us for a personal quote)

Egg/main dish choices

Scrambled eggs with cheese (only available if we can cook on-site as scrambled eggs do not hold well)

Scrambled eggs with cheese, onions and peppers

Parmesean egg bake 

Crust-less quiche (ham and cheese, sausage and cheese or veggies and cheese)

Frittata bake (eggs, ham, bacon, veggies and cheese) 

Vegetarian Frittata bake (eggs, veggies, cheese)

Mini assorted quiche (ham and cheese and vegetarian options)

Southern Sausage gravy and homemade biscuits

Pancakes with butter and syrup

French toast made with thick Texas bread and served with powdered sugar, syrup, butter and jam

Crepes (filled with your choice of fruit and cream cheese or whipped cream)

Potato Choices

breakfast hashbrown cassarole

Cheesy potatoes

Red skin potato cubes

Meat Choices

Sausage pattie

Sausage link

Breakfast ham


Bread/Pastry Choices

Assorted homemade muffins (full size or mini)

Buttermilk biscuits served with butter and jams

Homemade white and wheat breads

Bagels (assorted mini or full size served with cream cheese, butter and jams)

Fresh baked muffins (blueberry, carrot, cranberry, zesty orange and banana nut)

Sweet bread (banana bread (with or without nuts) Zucchini bread (with or without chocolate) Seasonal pumpkin bread

Fruit/Yogurt Choices

Fresh fruit platters (assorted fruits cut with skin on)

Fresh fruit bowl (assorted and bite size)

Whole assorted seasonal fruits (apples, oranges, peaches, plumbs)

Assorted flavors of Greek or regular yogurt

Yogurt parfaits (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry or peach)

Beverage Choices

Coffee station with regular and decaf coffee including assorted creams and sugars

Add tea and hot chocolate to your coffee station for an additional cost

Orange juice, cranberry blends, apple, grape, punch and fruit infused water

Lunch Option (as a wrap, sub or croissant) 

Grilled chicken wraps (choice of parmesean and caesar or ranch with cheddar)

Chicken, bacon ranch (with or without cheese)

Chicken salad with or without grapes and pecans (bun or croissant only) 

Ham and cheddar with fresh romaine and mayo

Club wrap with turkey, ham, bacon, romaine and mayo

​Italian wrap with salami, ham provolone and sweet peppers

Roast beef and Swiss

​Side dishes 

​Individual bags of chips

Macaroni salad

Red skin potato salad

Bow tie Italina pasta salad (many variations, we can custom build it to your liking)

Sweet broccoli salad

Cole Slaw

​Homemade soups, 12oz. or 16oz. Chicken noodle, ham and cheese chowder, chili, bean with bacon and ham, vegetarian vegetable, beef vegetable. (more options available per request)

Breakfast, brunch and lunch menus are custom bid for each event and will be subject to a 15% service fee. Simply call or email your request and we will prepare your personal menu bid. Feel free to pick items off our catering events page to complete your menu request.

We are pleased to announce that we will now be expanding our breakfast, brunch and lunch services to all clients hosting events for over 25 and up to 300 attendees.