Chicken Quesdilla

Chicken Quesdilla

Friday fish dinner

Friday fish dinner

Try one of our delicious salads

Try one of our delicious salads

Delicious Hot Beef w/ mashed potatoes, gravy and choice of hot vegetable

Delicious Hot Beef w/ mashed potatoes, gravy and choice of hot vegetable

Gloria Ann's Takeout menu

Call 231-277-8300 to order -----Call or Email questions to (

Regular takeout hours--Tuesday through Friday -all orders must be turned in between 11am - 3pm with pick up available until 6pm. Meals may be ready to eat or ready to warm up. 

For information on our delivery program please call (deliveries leave at 2pm T-S)

Saturday, Sunday and Monday we are closed for regular takeout but open for all catered events as well as for call ahead catered orders of 4 or more for pick up, 12-24 hours notice, call ahead meals will be packed up "ready to warm"

Hot sandwiches and meals

All sandwiches come with chips or melon

Smoked BBQ pulled pork 8oz on a grilled bun $5

Signature Sloppy Joe -$4                                

Hot dogs  2 for $5 add chili and cheese .50ea   (1 hotdog ($2.50) does not come with chips)

1/3lb burger on a grilled bun $5 (add cheese or bacon .50 each) 

8oz ground sirloin steak dinner with 2 sides $8             

  Homemade meatloaf on a grilled bun $5 or as a dinner with mashed+ gravy + hot veggie $8   

Swedish meatballs + Mashed or noodles and hot veggie $8           

Hot roast beef sandwich w/ mashed / gravy + hot veggie $9    

                                     Beef roast+ veggies + potatoes/gravy + roll $9                                                       

   Hot Turkery (or ham), bacon and Swiss sub $7                 

Turkey dinner (or hot turkey sandwich) w/mashed/stuffing + hot veggi

Grilled chicken breast (5oz) let and mayo $6     

Grilled chicken breast dinner 5oz (lemon pepper or Garlic and Herb + 2 sides $9             

Chicken tenders w/ chips (4oz) $5 (Ranch, BBQ or Honey mustard)

Sauted' jumbo shrimp dinner (8) with lemon butter + 2 sides $12.00 

Chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail (8) $9 or 11 for $11

8" Quesdilla (chicken, peppers, onion, tomatoes) + chips and salsa $7


Cheese choices (cheddar, Swiss, shredded Parmesean or Provolone) Wrap flavors --White--Spinach--Tomato basil

Ham and cheese w/ let/tom + mayo $6    

Turkey and Cheese w/let/tom/mayp $6 

          Grilled chicken Caesar wrap $7   Grilled chicken bacon, ranch $7     

       Club (ham,turkey,bacon,let,tom,sweet mayo)$7  

                                        Italian--Ham,salami,provolone,let,Italian dressing $7                                                    

  Vegetarian wrap --let, tom, peppers, carrots, cheese, cucumbers, ranch or mayo $5

                          7oz Roast beef and Swiss + mayo, mustard and lettuce $9                                                          


Dressing choices--Ranch, italian, French Thousand Island, Balsomic, Caesar, Raspberry

  Garden salad --regular (32oz) $3 large (48oz) $5 Let, tom, cucs + veggies+ carrots, croutons + cheese 

Caesar salad small (32oz)  $3 large (48oz) $5 (add chicken for an extra $2) 

BLT salad (Romaine, tomatos, cucumbers, lots of bacon and cheddar a side of ranch) $7

Chef salad $7

Grilled Chicken Caesar $7

  Taco salad  (let, tom, meat, cheese, onion, olives, sour cream + salsa + chips) $8

Pasta dishes 

Baked Ziti with sweet italian sausage + side salad + garlic bread $8


Signature Mac and cheese 8oz $4 or 16oz dinner with side salad and garlic bread $8


Side choices

"when available" means if we are catering it we will make extra for Takeout

 Side salad or Ceasar -small $3 or large $5

Cole Slaw (when available) $3

Red skin potato salad (when available) $3

Italian Bow tie pasta salad (When available) $3

Fresh fruit bowl $3

Mashed potatoes w/butter small $2 large $4

Brew city French fries $4

Sweet potato wedges $4

Hot vegetable of the day $2 (corn, beans, peas, mix veggies + in season fresh)            

Oriental rice and veggies $3                                                                                              

Sweet white rice and veggies $3        

3 bean bake with onion and bacon $3                                                                     

Cheese au gratin potatoes $3         

veggies and ranch $3                                                             

Tortilla chips and Salsa $4

                                                            Soups 12oz / $2.50 16oz bowl $4.00

                                                  Chili and Chicken noodle                               

    Bonus soup (Each week we will have additional soup flavors, just call and ask)



Cookies (chocolate chunk, Sweet butter scotch, Peanut butter, coconut pecan, Snickerdoodle) 2/$1.50

Assorted Cakes subject to availability (Cherry, Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon, carrot)  $2-$3 

Texas sheet cake plain or with caramel and pecans $3.00

New York cheese cake w/ strawberries or caramel and pecans $4

Fudge brownies 3oz $2 

Homemade pies when avaialble $3