Chicken Quesdilla

Chicken Quesdilla

Try one of our delicious salads

Try one of our delicious salads

Gloria Ann's Catering Takeout menu for pick up

Call 231-277-8300 to order -----Call or Email questions to (

Catering Takeout orders are liminted to a minimum order of 4 (pick up only)

All orders need to be place a minimum of 48 hours in advance with a minimum of 4 orders for pick up only. 

You may also order from the Dinner menu list if you have an order for 25 or more 


All sandwiches come with chips 

Smoked BBQ pulled pork 8oz on a grilled bun $6

Signature Sloppy Joe -$5                                      

  Grilled chicken breast (5oz) let and mayo $7     

Chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail (8) $14

COLD SANDWICHES, AS A 12" WRAP, 10" SUB or 3oz CROISSANT               

Cheese  (cheddar, Swiss, shredded Parmesean or Provolone) Wrap flavors --White--Spinach--Tomato basil and garlic herb

Ham and cheese w/ let/tom + mayo $7    

Turkey and Cheese w/let/tom/mayp $7 

          Grilled chicken Caesar wrap $8   Grilled chicken bacon, ranch $8     

       Club (ham,turkey,bacon,let,tom,sweet mayo)$8  

Turkey club ( Turkey, bacon, cheddar , lettuce, mayo) $8

                                        Italian--Ham,salami,provolone,let,Italian dressing $8                                                   

  Vegetarian wrap --let, tom, peppers, carrots, cheese, cucumbers, ranch or mayo $7

                          7oz Roast beef and Swiss + mayo, mustard and lettuce                                                                             (on Marble Rye, sub or wrap)$10                                                          


Dressing choices--Ranch, italian, French Thousand Island, Balsomic, Caesar, Raspberry

  Garden salad --regular (24oz) $3 large (48oz) $5 Let, tom, cucs + veggies+ carrots, croutons + cheese 

BLT salad (Romaine, tomatos, cucumbers, lots of bacon and cheddar a side of ranch) $8

Chef salad $9

Grilled Chicken Caesar $9 (without chicken $3 forsmall and $5 for large) 

  Taco salad  (let, tom, meat, cheese, onion, olives, sour cream + salsa + chips) $9


Side choices

Cole Slaw (when available) $3 (minimum order for 12)

Red skin potato salad (when available) $3

Italian Bow tie pasta salad (minimum order of 12) $3.50

Fresh fruit bowl $4     

                                 Fresh veggies and ranch $3                                                             

Chips and salsa $4

Soups 16oz bowl $4.00

Soup is  Per special request and a minimum order of 15                           




Cookies (chocolate chunk, Sweet butter scotch, Peanut butter, coconut pecan, Snickerdoodle) $12 per dozen with 2.5 doz minimum

Texas sheet cake plain or with caramel and pecans $3.00 (minimum order for 24)

New York cheese cake w/ strawberries or caramel and pecans $4 (minimum order for 10)

Fudge brownies (48-50 oz pan, cut into 20/24/32) $40

Homemade pies when avaialble $3 (8 min)